He tolerates the lack of toast


I don’t even remember the last time I was so overwhelmed by the stupidity of a single comment.

First of all, it looks like this person tried to match some words to get out a sentence, but everything came out wrong. This is what happens when you’re completely illiterate and try to write something without any clue how to spell it.

Furthermore, lactose (which, by my understanding, should not be spelled lack toast) comes from milk and other products derived from milk, not from eggs.

In conclusion: I don’t think such a person should be allowed to attempt to take care of a child.

1 thought on “He tolerates the lack of toast”

  1. The ‘lack toast and tolerant’ just cracked me up XD… And as you said, eggs don’t have anything to do with lactose intolerance!! Plus the other spelling mistakes, like ‘ov’, ‘were’, ‘wot’… Hilarious:)). Well, I guess Romania isn’t the only place where you can find this sort of people:D… Here’s the proof!

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